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Chris Colfer is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and a Golden Globe–winning actor best known for his role as Kurt Hummel on Glee. He was honored as a member of the TIME 100, Time magazine’s annual list of the one hundred most influential people in the world, and his books include Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, and The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns.

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Chris Colfer discusses his writing process and shares the inspiration behind The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

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Author and actor Chris Colfer answers ten questions in under one minute about himself and his novel, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

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the books

The action-packed #1 New York Times bestselling series The Land of Stories brings readers on a thrilling quest filled with magic spells, laugh-out-loud humor, and page-turning adventure.

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    onner Bailey thinks his fairy-tale adventures are behind him--until he discovers a mysterious clue left by the famous Brothers Grimm. With help from his classmate Bree and the outlandish Mother Goose, Conner sets off on a mission across Europe to crack a 200-year-old code.

    Meanwhile, Alex Bailey is training to become the next Fairy Godmother... but her attempts at granting wishes never go as planned. Will she ever be truly ready to lead the Fairy Council?

    When all signs point to disaster for the Land of Stories, Conner and Alex must join forces with their friends and enemies to save the day. But nothing can prepare them for the coming battle...or for the secret that will change the twins' lives forever.

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  • After decades of hiding, the evil Enchantress who cursed Sleeping Beauty is back with a vengeance.


    lex and Conner Bailey have not been back to the magical Land of Stories since their adventures in The Wishing Spell ended. But one night, they learn the famed Enchantress has kidnapped their mother!

    Against the will of their grandmother, the twins must find their own way into the Land of Stories to rescue their mother and save the fairy tale world from the greatest threat it's ever faced.

  • Alex and Conner Bailey’s world is about to change.


    hen the twins’ grandmother gives them a treasured fairy tale book, they have no idea they’re about to enter a land beyond all imagining: the Land of Stories, where fairy tales are real.

    But as Alex and Conner soon discover, the stories they know so well haven’t ended in this magical land—Goldilocks is a wanted fugitive, Red Riding Hood has her own kingdom, and Queen Cinderella is about to become a mother!

    The twins want to get back home. But with the legendary Evil Queen hot on their trail, will they ever find the way?

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hey couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A huge cavalcade of soldiers on white horses rode past them. Their armor was clean and shiny. They carried green-​and-​silver shields with large red apples painted on them and waved flags with the same design.

“Alex, did we go back in time?” Conner anxiously asked his sister. “That looks like something straight out of medieval times!”

The pencils were all obliterated under the horses’ hooves. The soldiers were moving at such a fast and forceful pace that none of them noticed the awestruck twins peeking out from behind the tree.

Alex was fixated on their shields. A red apple was such an odd thing to be displayed on a shield, but there was something so familiar about it. She couldn’t put her finger on it.

The rumbling slowly faded away as the soldiers disappeared down the dirt path. The twins both stayed behind the tree for a few moments, making sure the coast was clear. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about as much excitement as I can handle for one day,” Conner told Alex.

A poster pinned to a nearby tree caught Alex’s eye. She walked over to it and pulled it off the tree for further inspection. It was old, with faded writing, and a picture of a disgruntled-​looking little girl with curly blonde hair was centered on it. The poster read:


Alex’s face went white, and she stopped breathing for a moment; she had realized where they were. No wonder the trees had been so recognizable. She had seen pictures of them so many times growing up. The book had taken them to the exact place she had hoped.

“Is it possible?” she asked herself. The wheels in her head had never spun as fast as they were now.

“Is what possible?” Conner asked. “Do you know where we are?”

“I think so,” Alex told him.

“Where?” Conner asked, fearing the answer.

“Conner, we went into the book,” she explained, but he wasn’t following her. “I think we’re actually in the Land of Stories.”




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The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning

Suddenly the hall of fairies parted. Something was causing a ruckus, and they hurried away from it as fast as possible. Three boisterous witches had just arrived in the Fairy Palace, and they noisily made their way into the center of the hall.

Each wore a long, ragged black cloak and smelled foul. One witch had cat eyes and twigs for hair, another was missing an eye but had two large noses, and the third had skin so loose, it appeared to be melting off her face like wax. They cackled loudly at the fairies cowering away from them.

The eight members of the Fairy Council formed a circle around the witches. It was obvious they had come to start trouble.

“What business do you have here?” Emerelda asked them.

“We came here for the Fairy Inaugural Ball, of course,” the one-eyed witch said in a shrill voice.

“You weren’t invited,” Violetta said. “This is a celebration for fairies only.”

“You’re breaking the laws of the Happily Ever After Assembly by being in our palace,” Xanthous threatened. “Witches are not allowed to set foot in this kingdom, and you know it.”

“Enforce those laws while you still have them, because soon there will be no assembly to scare us with,” the one-eye witched warned.

The fairies whispered to one another. What did the witch mean by this? Xanthous grew impatient and didn’t care to find out. “Leave at once, or we’ll have you thrown in Pinocchio Prison,” he threatened.

The witches cackled even harder at his attempt to frighten them. “But if we leave, you’ll never receive our gift,” the witch with cat eyes hissed. “We didn’t come all this way empty-handed.”

“We don’t want your gift,” Tangerina said. The bees flying around her neck and wrists flew at a quicker pace. “Go back to wherever it is you came from.”

“Trust us—you want what we have to offer,” the witch with waxy skin wheezed. “It’s less of a gift and more of a prophecy. It’s something the witches have kept to themselves for a great while, but since it’s such a ceremonious night, we thought we’d share it with you.”

“We don’t want to hear your ridiculous prophecy, either,” Rosette said.

“I do!” Coral peeped, speaking on behalf of all the curious fairies in the room. “It couldn’t hurt just to listen to whatever information they want to give us.”

The members of the Fairy Council looked at one another, but no one objected. “Very well,” Emerelda said. “If the witches promise to leave us in peace when they’ve finished, they may share their message with us.”

The witches scowled at the audience of fairies around them. They held hands and formed a circle in the center of the hall. The witches cocked their heads up to the sky, and their mouths and eyes began to glow. A strong breeze swiftly blew through the palace as the witches chanted a rhyme in unison.

“Fairies, listen well,

For there is truth in the sights we foretell.

‘Happily ever after’ will not last,

When it’s greeted by a threat from the past.

One by one, the kingdoms will fall apart,

From battles they’ll lose and wars they’ll start.

Fairy blood will be spilt by the gallon,

When you face the army of thousands.”

The witches howled with laughter at the conclusion of their prophecy. All the fairies had to cover their ears from the screeching sounds.

“Get out of this palace before I turn you into ashes,” Xanthous said, and his whole body burst into flames.

“Yeah, and then I’ll kick your ashes into next week!” Mother Goose added.

The witches left the palace, cackling as loud as they could the entire way. The fairies looked to one another anxiously. Did they have any reason to believe a word of what the witches had just said? Was there really some sort of army on its way?

“Do not worry,” Emerelda told them. “This was nothing more than a foolish attempt to ruin our evening, and I refuse to let them. I say we continue our celebration in the gardens and celebrate under the stars.”

The fairies cheered, and Emerelda led all the guests through the hall and outside the palace.

“Aren’t you coming, Mother Goose?” Coral asked as she left with the others.

Mother Goose was the only one who stayed behind. “Sure,” she said. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

“All right,” Coral said, and flew off with the others.

Mother Goose’s eyes darted left and right, and small beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. She was the only person to whom the witches’ prophecy had meant something. Everything the witches had foretold was very relevant to a dark secret Mother Goose had kept for many years, a secret she had never told to anyone, not even the Fairy Godmother.

But Mother Goose had done everything in her power for years to make sure the army wouldn’t cross over. Was the threat still alive?

There was only one way to find out, and there was only one person who could help her—and he was worlds away.

Mother Goose took a giant swig from her flask and hopped onto Lester’s back. She steered him to the window of Alex’s room. Mother Goose climbed in and had a look around. She found the magic mirror placed in the corner and touched its glass. The mirror shimmered for a few seconds, and the round, freckled face of the person she was trying to contact appeared.

“Oh, C-Dog, thank God it’s you,” Mother Goose said to Conner. “Listen, we need to talk. I need your help.…”

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